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Our Student-Athlete Speed & Agility Training Programs are designed to give you better success in your chosen sport and increase your overall athletic ability.



Speed & Agility

The G.S.A Speed & Agility Program is an all-encompassing, sports performance program designed to increase an athlete’s overall athletic ability as it relates to acceleration and deceleration, top-end speed, and change of direction.

Throughout this program, athletes will learn

  • Proper technical form within all planes of motion

  • How to develop and improve Rate of Force production through supporting biomechanical advantages

  • Different phases of running with technical strategies to optimize performance

  • Components of multi-directional movement

By the end of this program, the athlete will

  • Have increased overall strength and power on the field 

  • Have improved reactionary ability

  • Be able to maximize force that can be generated to optimize acceleration performance

  • Have enhanced multi-planar movements specific to sport

  • Perform at a high intensity

  • Become efficient with movement and prepared for competition

60 Minutes Per Session | Meets Up-To 3x Per Week

1x Per Week
2x Per Week
3x Per Week

*Price includes 1 free NormaTec Recovery Session & 1 free G.S.A T-shirt

**Sign-up as an individual or with a group of friends/teammates – program is not sport-specific and welcomes all athletes broken down in two groups--ages 6-10, and ages 11-18 (group size typically no larger than 6 athletes)


perform at a higher level

Train with programs built on a foundation of movement, agility, and speed. Designed to translate to all sports and benefit all athletes, regardless of age or level of skill.

Age-Based Training

Train with your peers. Junior athletes ages 6-10 learn the fundamentals and establish a foundation for the future. Student-athletes ages 11-18 build on that foundation and prepare for tougher competition.

Small Group Sessions

Small groups allow for more focused attention and help implement technical and skill-based training, optimizing each athlete's benefit and performance.

Athleticism is not only about strength and force of will, it is also about reaction time, strategy, and efficiency of movement in all directions.

Speed & Movement

JEff GreenE

Speed & Agility Trainer

3985 Main Street

Hilliard, OH 43026

Monday – Thursday 3 PM – 8 PM

Saturday - 9 AM – Noon

Additional evening and weekend hours available by appointment.

Tel: 614-951-9041


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