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Become a stronger team

Our Student-Athlete Speed & Agility Training Programs work for teams as well. Become a stronger and more competitive team together.




Team training

Greene Speed Academy takes pride in keeping athletes healthy, allowing for long-term optimized performance. Our performance coaches incorporate productive in-season and off-season performance programs, along with the recovery tools to sustain strength and faster recovery throughout the season. Each program is specific to the athlete’s schedule, taking into consideration the time of year and overall team goals. Our programming ensures that each athlete will be physically and mentally prepared for athletic competition, while also building relationships with one another in and out of their respective seasons.

Throughout this program, athletes will learn

  • Training specific to the demands of their schedule

  • How to utilize load-intensity methods in relation to competition schedule

  • Programming based on needs of their sport

  • Proper fundamentals and techniques of recovery.

By the end of this program, athletes will

  • Perform their respective sport at a higher intensity

  • Have increased explosiveness and reactionary time

  • Have improved overall strength, speed and quickness

  • Have reduced the likeliness of injury

60 Minutes Per Session | Meets 1-3x Per Week

 (5 session minimum)

*10 athletes or more – not sport-specific and welcomes all athletes.


perform at a higher level

Train with programs built on a foundation of movement, agility, and speed. Designed to translate to all sports and benefit all athletes, regardless of age or level of skill.


Age-Based Training

Train with your peers. Junior athletes learn the fundamentals and establish a foundation for the future. Student-athletes build on that foundation and prepare for tougher competition.


Small Group Sessions

Small groups allow for more focused attention and help implement technical and skill-based training, optimizing each athlete's benefit and performance.

Athleticism is not only about strength and force of will, it is also about reaction time, strategy, and efficiency of movement in all directions.


Speed & Movement

JEff GreenE

Speed & Agility Trainer

(located inside training camp)

5095 Westerville Rd

Columbus, OH 43231

Saturday - Appointment Only

Sunday - Appointment Only

Tel: 614-951-9041

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