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This agreement ensures that the role of the trainer to client and client to trainer is clearly appreciated and understood. This agreement must be SIGNED & READ prior to beginning the training program.


Client Responsibilities 

1. Be on time for meetings with your Personal Trainer. Typically, each session is 60 minutes; however a more flexible length can be established. The time of sessions is to be agreed upon between the trainer and the client.


2. If the client is late, the session will only last until the end of the hour that the session was scheduled.


3. Any tardiness of more than (15) minutes or absence without proper notification will result in the loss of the session.


4. If a session needs to be cancelled for any reason other than an emergency, a 24-hour notice must be given to the trainer (or) login to the app to make this change. Failure to do so will result in the client forfeiting the session.


5. Sessions will expire (6) weeks after purchase.


6. Classes/1 on 1 training will lock (10) hours prior.


7. If the client feels that they will not meet the (6) week requirement to complete their sessions, they will then be required to convert 60 minute training sessions into 90 minutes. The remaining sessions will be tracked manually by the trainer.


Trainer Responsibilities

1. The trainer will design a safe, effective exercise program on an individual and class basis that reflects the clients objectives, fitness level, and experience.

2. If the trainer is late for a session, that time is owed to the client at no additional charge.

3. The trainer will maintain an open line of communication through the course of service.

4. Provide quality training where the client will learn and overall better themselves through the time and work put into every session.

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